Banks Lake (Reservoir)

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Fishing, boating, weather and lake information all in one place for Banks Lake (Reservoir) in Grant County, Washington and has boat launch access. Location: Banks Lake Wildlife Area 1.6 mi SW of Grand Coulee Dam. Information to include topographical and bathymetric maps, WDFW special fishing rules, targeted fish species present, acreage, depth, elevation and more when available.

Anyone interested in fishing Banks Lake (Reservoir) should consult with local guides and resources before heading out to fish.

Details for Banks Lake (Reservoir)

Topographic View
Latitude: 47.619867
Longitude: -119.307529

Banks Lake (Reservoir) Stats:

County:  Grant
State:  Washington
Location:  Banks Lake Wildlife Area 1.6 mi SW of Grand Coulee Dam
Access:  boat launch
Acres:  24900
Elevation:  1560 feet
Avg Depth:  47 feet
Max Depth:  85 feet
Bathymetric Map:  no map available

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Lake Overview:

Banks Lake (27,000 acres): Stretching almost 27 miles from Coulee City in the south to Grand Coulee in the north, this large reservoir is popular with anglers pursuing many species. Smallmouth bass up to 4 pounds are plentiful along rocky shoreline areas, and largemouth bass fairly abundant in the northern part and weedy bays. Effective May 1, 2006, the daily limit for smallmouth bass here increases to 10 fish, with no more than 1 over 14 inches; rules for largemouth bass are unchanged from the standard statewide slot limit. Walleye fishing is still very good. A cooperative rearing project between WDFW, an Electric City sportsmen’s group, and Coulee City Chamber of Commerce offers improved fishing for rainbow trout up to 5 pounds. Approximately 1 million kokanee have been stocked annually in recent years, some of which the net pens also help raise. Angling for kokanee up to 19 inches has been variable during mid to late summer. Chumming is permitted. Yellow perch and crappie angling is good, but bluegill fishing will be poor-to-fair. There is a 25-fish daily limit on perch to prevent over harvest of this important forage and sport fish species. Lake whitefish are a very abundant and overlooked game fish. Several public access areas are well developed, including a Steamboat Rock State Park about mid-way up the lake, a city park at Coulee City on the south end, and several resorts at the north end. (See Washington State Parks website:   for ADA accessibility information.) Source: WDFW 2008 Fishing Prospects

Banks Lake is located between Coulee City and Electric City along Highway 17. Banks Lake is an irrigation impoundment, has a surface area of 26,887 acres, and a mean depth of 46 ft. Banks Lake was once known as the state’s premier walleye fishery; however, recently smallmouth bass have become a much more abundant and popular gamefish in this lake. Anglers will also find excellent perch fishing along the jetties on the south end, near the north end west of Steamboat Rock, and seasonally in the shallow bays of the northeast side of the reservoir. Other gamefish found in Banks Lake include crappie, bluegill, bullheads and channel catfish. Deepwater fish species found in Banks Lake include burbot (also known as freshwater ling) and lake whitefish. Rainbow trout and kokanee are stocked annually. Banks Lake has a dedicated research team that is investigating limiting factors associated with the Banks Lake fishery. Banks Lake is also surveyed each fall using gill nets to determine walleye abundance. Source: WDFW 2007-08 Region 2 Warmwater Fishing Opportunities

Banks Lake, part of the Columbia Basin Project, was created by building two rock-faced, earthfill dams at the north and south ends of the Ice-Age channel of the Columbia River, now known as Grand Coulee. The reservoir is 27 miles long with 27,000 water surface acres. Fishing opportunities for smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, yellow perch, rainbow trout, walleye, kokanee, black crappie, bullhead, and whitefish. Developed camping facilities are also available. Call 1-800-452-5687. Wildlife area information. Source:

WDFW Special Fishing Rules 2010/2011 Season:

Species Season Rule Special Note
All Species Chumming permitted.
Crappie Year-round Minimum size 9". Daily limit 10.
Yellow Perch Year-round No minimum size. Daily limit 25.
Other Game Fish Year-round Statewide minimum size/daily limit.


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