Bridges Lake

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Fishing, boating, weather and lake information all in one place for Bridges Lake in King County, Washington and has hike/walk to access. Location: 4 miles NE of Snoqualmie. Information to include topographical and bathymetric maps, WDFW special fishing rules, targeted fish species present, acreage, depth, elevation and more when available.

Anyone interested in fishing Bridges Lake should consult with local guides and resources before heading out to fish.

Details for Bridges Lake

Topographic View
Latitude: 47.606769
Longitude: -121.757057

Target Species:

info not available

Bridges Lake Stats:

County:  King
State:  Washington
Location:  4 miles NE of Snoqualmie
Access:  hike/walk to
Acres:  34
Elevation:  1045 feet
Avg Depth:  info not available
Max Depth:  info not available
Bathymetric Map:  no map available

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Lake Overview:

Bridges Lake (34 acres): Located on Weyerhaeuser property four miles northeast of Snoqualmie, Bridges is the uppermost of three interconnected lakes. A short hike from nearby logging spurs, it is managed mainly for native cutthroat trout. Largemouth bass and yellow perch are also present. The inlet and outlet are closed to fishing. Vehicular access to Snoqualmie Tree Farm requires purchase of an annual access permit (call 1-800-433-3911). Source: WDFW 2000 Washington Fishing Guide.

WDFW Special Fishing Rules 2010/2011 Season:

Species Season Rule Special Note
All Species CLOSED WATERS - inlet and outlet.
All Game Fish Last Saturday in April to October 31 Statewide minimum size/daily limit.


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