Omak Lake

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Fishing, boating, weather and lake information all in one place for Omak Lake in Okanogan County, Washington and has boat launch access. Location: Colville Indian Reservation - 7 miles SE of Omak. Information to include topographical and bathymetric maps, WDFW special fishing rules, targeted fish species present, acreage, depth, elevation and more when available.

Anyone interested in fishing Omak Lake should consult with local guides and resources before heading out to fish.

Details for Omak Lake

Topographic View
Latitude: 48.286506
Longitude: -119.404306

Target Species:

Omak Lake Stats:

County:  Okanogan
State:  Washington
Location:  Colville Indian Reservation - 7 miles SE of Omak
Access:  boat launch
Acres:  3244
Elevation:  950 feet
Avg Depth:  210 feet
Max Depth:  325 feet
Bathymetric Map:  no map available

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Lake Overview:

Omak Lake is the largest alkaline lake in the state of Washington and this coldwater lake is located in Okanogan County in the Omak Lake drainage of the Okanogan River Sub-basin. This lake represents the historic brood source for all Lahontan cutthroat trout eggs used by the Colville Tribal Hatchery. The Lahontan stock at Omak Lake is a cross between the rainbow hybrid Heenan Lake stock from California and pure Pyramid Lake stock from Nevada, originally stocked in 1968. A successful fishery at this lake has been in existence since 1975 and fish from this lake have set the last two state records for Lahontan cutthroat trout. Eleven intermittent streams flow into Omak Lake along the western shore with another 7 streams that flow into the eastern side the 2 largest being Beaver House Creek and Poison Oak Creek. Two perennial streams flow into Omak Lake. No Name Creek flows into the northern most end and some minimal natural reproduction has been observed in this stream. On the extreme southern end of the lake Kartar Creek intermittently connects to the lake during the spring but flows go sub-surface by mid-summer due to infiltration to the Kartar Valley aquifer. Connections between the lake and the Kartar Valley aquifer are unknown at this time. A steep-walled canyon surrounds the lake and is covered with mostly sage, greasewood, conifers, and bunch grasses. Access is good by dirt road and paved roads. Facilities include a rough boat launch, campsite, and pit toilets. Some cattle grazing takes place around this lake but the eastern shore is part of the Omak Lake Wildlife Preserve. High alkalinity at Omak Lake precludes other salmonid species from surviving in the lake and is a function of the closed basin, soils, and evaporation. Omak Lake is restricted to fly and lure fishing only and although it has received much notoriety among high-profile anglers who have written several articles and even made some fishing videos about the fabulous fishing, angling pressure remains light for a lake of this size. Source: Colville Reservation 2003 Lakes Compendium, Limiting Factors, and Management Plan (PDF Format)

Omak Lake is one of several lakes located on the Colville Indian Reservation. The reservation is inhabited and managed by The Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation. Before fishing on the Colville Indian Reservation, contact the tribes for the necessary permits and rules (509) 634-4711.

WDFW Special Fishing Rules 2010/2011 Season:

** Statewide rules may be in effect for this lake.**


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